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A "treasure trove" of Scandinavian Products and Viking Gifts!

We are a Scandinavian gift shop located in historic Long Grove, Illinois. We carry products and gifts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and surrounding countries. If you are in the market for Norwegian products, Swedish gifts, Danish and Finnish items and more, then stop by our Viking shop today.

Hours and Location

Our regular store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (More information on winter and holiday hours.)

We're located at 438 Robert Parker Coffin Road (near the covered bridge), Long Grove, Illinois. Need directions?

Give us a call (847-634-1009) if you have any questions.

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Danish Gifts

Viking Treasures carries an assortment of products imported from Denmark. Stop in today to find the perfect Danish gift.

Danish gifts

Our Danish products feature a wide variety of items including Danish Iron candleholders that are available as tabletop pieces, chandeliers and sconces. Danish ball candles are available in a rainbow of color choices and are the perfect fit for your Danish Iron candleholder. Stop in to Viking Treasures today to choose just the right one to bring home or give to a friend. The warm glow from Danish ball candles brightens every room in your house truly making it one’s home. (And F.Y.I., in case you already have a Danish Iron piece but have broken the glass cup, yes, we do carry replacement cups.)

Danish gifts

For the wine connoisseur there’s even a Danish Iron wine bottle holder that includes either one or two candle cups. Candle light, wine, maybe a little Danish cheese… romance awaits. But let’s get that wine tasting even better. How? When you have a Wine Finer by Nuance, you can have the ultimate decanting experience. It ‘makes a bad wine taste good and a good wine taste better’. It’s true. The Nuance Wine Finer serves multiple purposes; it’s a stopper, pourer, filter and aerator. The non-drip spout catches the wine and runs it back into the bottle, so not a bit is wasted. The filter strains out any sediment while you’re pouring into the glasses and at the same time it aerates the wine. You can decant a whole bottle of red wine in just 30 seconds while pouring it into your glasses. The Wine Finer fits snuggly into the bottle and the topper has a close-fit that allows the remaining wine to be kept fresh for another romantic candlelight evening.

Beautiful Skagen watches are another item Viking Treasures carries that are the epitome of modern Danish design. “Loyal Skagen Denmark consumers across the globe enjoy the watch and jewelry collections that epitomize the elements of Danish design with graceful style, slim and sleek lines, subtle, inspiring colors and timeless pieces that last year after year.”+ Stop in at Viking Treasures to choose a Skagen watch or Skagen jewelry piece for yourself or that someone special. We also carry Danish jewelry from Dansk Smykkekunst Copenhagen. Dansk Smykkekunst is high quality fashion jewelry with strong modern Danish design selling at favorable prices. Danish watches from Skagen come in titanium or stainless steel, some with leather bands. Danish jewelry from Skagen comes in stainless steel with rose gold details. Danish jewelry from Dansk Smykkekunst comes in fashion metals such as rhodium.

Danish gifts

We carry several choices of American-made, Danish inspired, tile-trivets. We have the Danish table grace (I Jesu navn…) and designs by Suzanne Toftey: Kringle Girls and Margrethe’s Œbleskiver. Ceramic mugs have sayings on them such as: ‘Instant Dane – Just add Kaffe’, ‘Dansk of Course’, or ‘DBM – Danish By Marriage’.

What better way to remember Christmas each year than with an annual Royal Copenhagen or Bing & Grøndahl Christmas plate or ornament? “The Christmas Plate collection from Bing & Grøndahl is the world’s oldest series of collectibles”#. Now past its 115th edition, Bing & Grøndahl is synonymous with Christmas. 2008 marked the 100th anniversary of Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas Plate. To celebrate, a Limited Edition was created with its motif depicted in green surrounded by a golden border. Sven Vestergaard’s signature is on the back of each plate. This plate is still available through Viking Treasures. Sven has designed Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas plates since 1985. Viking Treasures also carries several of Royal Copenhagen’s animal figurines such as their Polar bears that have been a part of Royal Copenhagen’s product range since they were 1st shown at the World Fair in 1889. We also have quite a few cats and dogs looking for a good home. Note; no feeding is required . But if you’re going to be feeding yourself, a beautiful way to set the table is with Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted or Blue Fluted Mega serving pieces.

If you’re baking Danish goodies for Christmas or special events like, oh say, it’s Thursday*… you’re going to need an œbleskiver pan, mazariner tins or kransekage rings and maybe a new Danish cookbook or two. And speaking of food, we have Anthon Berg Marzipan/dark chocolate loafs, just one of our delicious Scandinavian choices that also includes gløgg mixes, cookies, beverages, and more.

Every Danish household has a collection of julnisser (Christmas elves) that most set out only at Christmastime. But nisser are around your home everyday. Nisser (house elves) are gentle folk that live nearby in your barn or attic. They are friends to all animals and were environmentalists before the word was invented. They can be very mischievous especially if you forget about them or do not believe in them. Remember to set out a dish of risengröd (rice porridge) for them at Christmas and treat your pets kindly and you shouldn't have any trouble with the nisser at your house. If you would like a nisse figurine to set about your home, we carry an assortment from Holbøll, handcrafted nisser from Denmark.

Danish gifts

There are more Danish items to choose from than can be listed, from calendars and framed prints to mugs, flags, windsocks, decals, key chains, lapel pins… a long list of choices.

Come in to Viking Treasures to find that unique Danish gift to help celebrate Danish festivals and learn more about Danish history and culture.

+From Skagen Denmark Swiss Movement 2009 Collection catalogue.
#From B&G and R.C. Collectibles and Giftware 2009 catalogue.
*Thursday is named after the Norse god Thor.

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