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A "treasure trove" of Scandinavian Products and Viking Gifts!

We are a Scandinavian gift shop located in historic Long Grove, Illinois. We carry products and gifts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and surrounding countries. If you are in the market for Norwegian products, Swedish gifts, Danish and Finnish items and more, then stop by our Viking shop today.

Our Final Store Hours for May and June are:

10:30 am - 5:00 pm seven days a week
or by appointment.

We're located at 438 Robert Parker Coffin Road, Long Grove, Illinois, (near the historic covered bridge). Need directions?

Give us a call (847-634-1009) if you have any questions.

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Finnish Gifts

Viking Treasures carries an assortment of products imported from Finland. Stop in today to find the perfect Finnish gift.

Finnish gifts

Our Finnish products feature a variety of items including, Iittala glass, Bianco Blu handmade glass birds, and beautifully woven Finnish linen table-runners. We also carry Käsivoide Hand Cream, a lemon juice & glycerine hand cream that’s one of the best.

Our most popular earrings are ear threads from Finland. Finnish gifts “You thread the ear threads through your ears. The chain hangs down behind your ear and the design rests on your earlobe. They are so light you hardly notice them. All in one piece with no back to lose.”+ We also carry birch wood jewelry from Finland. On some pieces the colors are so vibrant and polished most think they’re gemstones!


Finnish gifts

Did you know St. Urho's Day is celebrated the day before St. Patrick’s Day? March 16th is the day St. Urho drove all of the grasshoppers out of Finland saving the grape crops. Oh what a wonderful savior he was! To help you celebrate, Viking Treasures carries a green & purple windsock and buttons to wear to show your Finnish pride on such a glorious day.



Kotihaltija (house elves) are gentle folk that live nearby in your barn or attic. They are friends to all animals and were environmentalists before the word was invented. They can be very mischievous especially if you forget about them or do not believe in them. Be sure you’re behaving yourself in the sauna or you may just have to deal with the saunatonttu (sauna elf) living there. Remember the joulutonttu (Christmas elf) at Christmas, treat your pets kindly, behave yourself in the sauna and you shouldn't have any trouble with the tonttu at your house. If you would like a tonttu figurine to set about your home, we have an assortment to choose from.

There are more Finnish items to choose from than can be listed, from calendars, flags, windsocks, decals, key chains, lapel pins to a wide selection of books including Aliis's Letter Legacy of Faith*.

+From ‘Ear threads from Finland’ catalog.
* www.carolvanderwoudern.com/aliisas-letter

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