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A "treasure trove" of Scandinavian Products and Viking Gifts!

We are a Scandinavian gift shop located in historic Long Grove, Illinois. We carry products and gifts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and surrounding countries. If you are in the market for Norwegian products, Swedish gifts, Danish and Finnish items and more, then stop by our Viking shop today.

Our Final Store Hours for May and June are:

10:30 am - 5:00 pm seven days a week
or by appointment.

We're located at 438 Robert Parker Coffin Road, Long Grove, Illinois, (near the historic covered bridge). Need directions?

Give us a call (847-634-1009) if you have any questions.

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Viking Gifts

Viking Treasures carries an assortment of Viking gifts. Stop in today to find the perfect Viking gift.

Viking gifts

Our Viking products feature a wide variety of items including Viking World Tour t-shirts!

We carry Kongetinn-Royal Pewter flatware inspired by King Olav the Holy by Fjord Design Scandinavian Flatware. We also carry pewter figures of Viking kings. There are also Viking trolls that are ‘so ugly they’re cute.’ Stop on by to see our collection. We have Fosse, NyForm, Lommedalen and Tusse trolls.

Our Viking jewelry includes a wide range of styles, from traditional reproductions to modern designs, based on Viking themes including amulets of Thor’s hammer (Mjølnir) and pendants inscribed with runes. Viking jewelry comes in pewter, bronze and sterling silver.

Viking gifts

Hand carved wood pieces from Henning depict Viking farmers, Viking marauders and a most magnificent Viking ship. Scandinavian crystal from Mats Jonasson, Nybro and Lindshammar are handcrafted pieces that are an inspiration in Viking design. Drinking horns are available in hand blown glass or porcelain.

Don’t forget about the kids or ‘the kid at heart.’ We have knitted and plastic Viking helmets to fit the wee-ones and larger sizes for adults. There are Viking coloring books and Explorer and Pirate sticker books, as well as a selection of books about Vikings and Norse mythology.

*Tuesday is named after the Norse god Tyr.
*Wednesday is named after the Norse god Odin (also known as Wodan).
*Thursday is named after the Norse god Thor.
*Friday is named after the Norse goddess Freya (also known as Freia).

Leif Eriksson Day is observed on October 9th to honor Leif Eriksson (son of the Norwegian, Erik the Red) who sailed to North America, in the year 1000, landing on the coast of Labrador and continuing south to ‘Vinland’. There is a monument of Leif Eriksson in Reykjavik, Iceland that is inscribed; “Leifr Eiricsson* Son of Iceland Discoverer of Vinland The United States of America to the people of Iceland on the one thousandth anniversary of the althing AD 1930”. An althing was an annual assembly held to discuss laws and sort out problems (a type of ancient parliament) that every free man on Iceland could attend. It was established AD 930.

Check out the statue of Leif Eriksson in Humboldt Park, Chicago. The Norwegian National League places a wreath at the statue every year in observance of Leif Eriksson Day.

*Leifr Eiricsson is the spelling used on the monument in Reykjavik. More common spellings include Leif Erickson or Leiv Ericson.

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